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We offer the English-Finnish-English translator both as Internet-based services and as workstation products. In the workstation products the translator is installed locally on a user's computer.

Translation services

Workstation products

The following table compares the main features of our service products.

  Sunda Tool Sunda Doc Enterprise Pack
Translation of documents (Word, PowerPoint, RTF etc..)
Text translation box
Translation of documents in MS Word  
Translation of documents in OpenOffice  
Translation of emails in MS Outlook  
Translation of web pages  
Web browser interface
Mobile phone version (
Use the translator in SDL Trados Studio Pro version only Pro version only
Customize the translator with your own dictionaries Pro version only Pro version only
Centralized use of company-specific dictionaries    
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A machine translator is a convenient tool if a non-native speaker wishes to quickly acquire the information contained in a foreign text document, or if he or she needs a rough translation of it in written form. Factual text types are best suited for machine translation.

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New! Use Sunda Translator on your Android device.
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Use translator in SDL Trados Studio.
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